IT Band Fix

The IT Band "tightness" is a common sport related problem that is due to overuse and inadequate fascial layers sliding. First let me set the record strait YOU CAN NOT STRETCH YOUR IT BAND! You heard correctly, the IT band doesn't stretch. The IT band it a very thick layer of fascia, it does not [...]

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Quarantine Postural Fix

With continued safer at home orders posture working from home and lack of gym time can leave our upper back and shoulders tight. Here are some ways that you can help your self with minimal equipment at home to get your posture back on track. Opening up both the muscles in the front and the [...]

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Quarantine Hip Mobility

Any change in routine can be tough both mentally and physically. This is especially true when working from home. Our nice ergonomic desk set up gets turned into using a laptop on the couch or kitchen table all day with less than optimal positioning. This positioning affects our entire body, This post is isolated to [...]

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Neck Fix – Theracane

The TheraCane is a great too for all of the spine but especially for the neck. Here are some techniques to help fix your neck. The TheraCane is convenient way to help fix your neck while sitting at work, or home. The 2 main issues that can occur in the neck are joint issues and [...]

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Neck Fix

Neck pain can be well a pain in the neck... The 2 main issues that can occur in the neck are joint issues and muscle issues. If you are looking left and have pain on the left, probably a joint issue, if you have pain and a pulling sensation on the right with looking left [...]

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Core Stability Fix

"Your core is weak" This statement is one of the biggest truths and misconceptions associated with low back pain. I have never met anyone with "to strong" of a core. Your core can always be better and different tasks require different core demands. A rotational athlete needs to be strong with rotation and anti-rotational, most [...]

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Hip Mobility For Low Back Pain

If you have been dealing with back pain look at the hips. If they are not moving as well as they should that stress can go to the low back. If you are a desk jockey you need to add this in to your routine. Our hips are a big joint that can accept a [...]

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Low Back Pain Treatments

If you like to gamble, you should put a confident bet down that you will have low back pain at some point in your life. Current research indicates that 80% or more of the US population will have or has had low back pain in their lifespan. If you have been dealing with back pain [...]

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