Limitations happen but when fixing them we need to get to the root of the cause. Often I see people that are limited with stability and continue to try to improve their mobility with little to no change. I go through the concept of trying to figure out what is causing your limitations. This can be applied to any complex movement like the squat or for a single joint. The Idea is pretty simple, perform a movement that is limited, find a way to perform the same movement but add in stability. For example if you squat and stop, then hold onto a stable rig, pole, rail, countertop, etc. and it improves, you have a stability limitation. The only factor that was changed was adding in a stable object. If the movement doesn’t change then you have a mobility limitation. Any time you can add and improve stability our movements become more efficient and we are able to direct more power into our desired large movement.



If you have a stability issues be patient, to see the start of true strength changes you need 4-6 week of performing the stability exercises regularly. Once you figure out your limitation it is best to get a custom program to get you where you want to be as fast as possible as many of the stability issues may be coming from other areas of the body.