Functional length and strength of your hamstrings is essential for normalized movement patterns. Hamstrings are one of the big links in our bodies, they are big powerful muscles that cross the knee joint as well as the hip. This means that it can directly affect ankle, knee, hip, low back and more. Stretching is never a bad idea, but there are more efficient ways to get the Hamstrings to loosen up for movement. Loading is key to improve long term muscle extensibility while using them functionally. These 3 exercises are my go to to get my hamstrings ready to move. Do these exercises to help improve your mechanics and take the stress off your ankle, knee, hip, low back with improved motion and efficiency. After this follow up with exercise to keep the changes.

Most of the time you will not see massive changes in hamstring extensibility right away and depending on activities and activity levels it may take 6-8 weeks to see the movement you need. So consistency is key to get the changes you need to keep up the lifestyle you love.

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