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Stop Just Stretching Your Hamstrings

Hamstrings are one of the big links in our bodies, they are big powerful muscles that cross the knee joint as well as the hip. This means that it can directly effect ankle, knee, hip, low back and more. Stretching is never a bad idea, but there are more efficient ways to get the Hamstrings [...]

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Iron Neck For Your Posture

I know the Iron Neck looks pretty goofy, it is a very specialized piece of equipment that is great for your neck, upper back and core. The neck is a commonly overlooked strength area because the neck is hard to train, the Iron Neck makes this easy. The big goals of the iron neck are [...]

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Kettlebell Movement Fun

The kettlebell is the utility knife of workout equipment. You can vary almost any movement patter and also produce some unique ones that can easily be done at home. In the video we go through some of my favorite kettlebell exercises to develop core stability during movement and unilateral (one sided) loading. Unilateral loading is [...]

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Pre-Surf Shoulder Warmup

The last thing you want to worry about after heading out is if your shoulder will make the paddle out, or wore be ready to catch the first wave. The shoulders are the most important body part in surfing, if you can't paddle you can't catch a wave. Getting the shoulders warmed up and ready [...]

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The Hypervolt can be a great recovery tool and a way to help alleviate pain. There are many other options for percussion instruments on the market like the TimTam, Theragun and many other brands. I personally like the Hypervolt the best due to the quietness and feel of the depth of travel. It comes with [...]

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Healthy Knee Exercises

Last week we went over how to fix the knee joint if it is stiff. After getting the knee moving we need to reinforce that new motion with exercises to keep what we gained and decrease the stresses on the knee joint. The best way to control the stresses at the knee it to improve [...]

By |2020-06-18T09:36:03+00:00June 18th, 2020|blog, CrossFit, Golf|0 Comments

Knee Joint Mobility Fix

The knee joint is a common place for pain with athletes. We need to use our knees constantly to move and do the activities that we enjoy. If the joint is stiff due to over use or osteoarthritis it can be limited with bending, straitening or both and this will cause issues with movement. The [...]

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IT Band Fix

The IT Band "tightness" is a common sport related problem that is due to overuse and inadequate fascial layers sliding. First let me set the record strait YOU CAN NOT STRETCH YOUR IT BAND! You heard correctly, the IT band doesn't stretch. The IT band it a very thick layer of fascia, it does not [...]

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Quarantine Postural Fix

With continued safer at home orders posture working from home and lack of gym time can leave our upper back and shoulders tight. Here are some ways that you can help your self with minimal equipment at home to get your posture back on track. Opening up both the muscles in the front and the [...]

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Quarantine Hip Mobility

Any change in routine can be tough both mentally and physically. This is especially true when working from home. Our nice ergonomic desk set up gets turned into using a laptop on the couch or kitchen table all day with less than optimal positioning. This positioning affects our entire body, This post is isolated to [...]

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