Having neck pain can be well… A Pain In The Neck. I see it all the time when you ask someone a question and you get the full body turn, this might have even happened to you. Before you go crazy trying to get your neck to loosen up, let’s try to find the root of the problem. If you have puddle on your floor from a leaking pipe you can keep cleaning the puddle or you can fix the pipe. We have 3 main structures that can cause limitations and pain, If the muscle is tight it can create issues, I have found that the muscle is not often the cause but the puddle. Most of the limitations that I see come from the small joints in the neck that cause the most limitations. We loosen the joints up the muscles will follow. The last structure that can be an issue is the nerve. This is the pain that goes to your shoulder blade or into your arm. Find the cause so you can fix your problem.

Now that we have gone over the problem, now we can follow it it with a solution. Check out our other blogs to find out how.

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