How to fix neck pain for golfers

If you ever played a round of golf with neck pain you know how big a roll your neck plays into your swing. As we go through our back swing our ability to keep eye contact with the ball involves the body moving around the neck to look left (or right if you’re a lefty). [...]

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Rock Tape For Elbow Pain

Rock Tape is the best kinesiology tape on the market, and can be extremely effective to help regulate pain. This tape is not meant to fix anything, but to help manage and get you out of pain. There are 2 main ways that the tape works. 1: the wave that is in the fabric of [...]

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Signs your body is lying to you

If you’ve ever heard of the different signs of a heart attack you will know that one of the signs is left arm pain. How can this be, the arm is not having the attach, so why would there be pain? The answer is referred pain, the heart is sending a pain signal down the [...]

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Shoulder Blade Stability Progra

Our Shoulder blade is our shoulder complex’s foundation. If you lack stability in your shoulder blade muscles it will create increased muscle demand on the small rotator cuff muscles that are stabilizers. This increased muscle demand can cause increased shoulder pain both in the rotator cuff tendons and biceps tendon that are common pain generators [...]

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Why Sciatica Is The Worst Diagnosis

Sciatica can be horrible and life altering, but saying you have sciatica is like saying you have a headache. What is the cause? Sciatica just tells me that the Sciatic Nerve is upset. Lets look at Headaches, what is the cause? There are many different types of headaches, sinus headaches, migraines, post trauma headache, caffeine [...]

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5 Movements to Help Improve Your Golf Swing

Remember the last time you were at the driving range and you saw the person that when they go through their swing it looks the body is held together by a steel rod? I see this all the time when I hit the links, I enjoy watching movement and how people move. Movement through the [...]

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Kettlebell Flow for Shoulder Strength and Mobility

The kettlebell is a great tool and one of the best pieces of equipment that you can have for everyday use. The kettlebell is like all in one utility knife. You can use it for strength, longer workouts for cardio and metcons, core work, and to help with Mobility and stability. I remember my first [...]

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Groin Strain Rehab

Your groin muscles are an important part of everyday movement and help to control hip motion. Hip adductor or groin rehab is often overlooked but important for any side to side or rotational movements. If your body is not prepared for these movements you could set yourself up for a groin strain. If you have [...]

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