Getting in a great shoulder warm up before your workouts and fun activities is a must to keep going at your best. These simple quick and easy exercises will keep you up and running. Mobility must always come before stability and strength. This means that if your shoulder feels stiff overhead you need to work on that first and get that back to normal before trying to get strong. That does not mean that you shouldn’t be doing stability exercises as your shoulder gets more motion, following the mobility exercises up with some stability is a great way to keep changes. With this routine order matters, loosen up the muscles first, this will allow you to get more changes with the joint band mobility because the muscles will not be limiting the joint. After this follow up with exercise to keep the changes!

Depending on how stiff or long the shoulder has been tight you may not see full resolution of your symptoms after one time. So consistency is key to get the changes you need to keep up the lifestyle you love.

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