Knee OA Treatment

Knee Osteoarthritis is one of the most common issues that I see people have issues with and an overly common diagnosis from MD's. Research has show similar long term results between conservative treatment (Physical Therapy) and knee arthroscopic surgery. This is my go to starter exercises for knee OA. If you have more questions [...]

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Osteoarthritis Explained

Have you ever been told you have arthritis? If so you are not alone, it is almost a daily occurrence that I hear clients are told that they have arthritis and need to take medications or deal with the pain... Is this really the best options that we have these days? Here is an explanation [...]

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Patellar Tendon Pain

Patellar tendon pain can often be debilitating. It has many names such as runners knee, jumpers knee, squatters knee, and most other activities that you can think of. This VLOG will give you tips and tricks to help fix your knee pain. There are other structures that can cause anterior knee pain such as [...]

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Add 15 Yards To Your Drive

In 2016, the National Health Statistics Reports (NHSR) after analyzing thousands of surveys showed that Golf has a higher risk of injury associated with it than Rugby. As shocking as this is, it makes sense. Most injuries associated with Golf are due to overuse, opposed to the trauma type injuries of Rugby. 18 holes a [...]

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Shoulder Mobility Before Stability Always

Have you ever seen a really strong guy that looks like he has a penguin walk because he cant move? A person can be really strong, lack motion and have lots of pain. Mobility must come first to fix a motion problem no matter how strong you are if you lack motion your chances of [...]

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How Can I Fix My Posture? Part II

I always think of the guards at Buckingham palace in the UK when I think of perfect posture. They stand in one place without moving for hours, how crazy is that. Try sitting in one position without moving for 10 minutes. These guys do it day by day rain or shine. Imaging the self-discipline and [...]

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How can I fix my posture? Part I

Have you ever seen an elderly person walking down the street and they look like Quasimoto form the Hunchback of Notre Dame? I’m not sure about you but even as I’m typing this my mind is hyper focused on mu posture because I don’t want to look like that when I’m in my 80’s, 90’s [...]

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Want to squat more weight?

The simple answer to this question is squat more right? For long-term gains and muscle adaptation this is true. But we can make faster gains by moving more efficiently. When you were a kid did you ever stand on an empty coke can? Amazingly it would hold up because everything was distributed to accept maximum [...]

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Do You Take My Insurance?

This is a common question that we are asked at Surf and Shore Performance Center. When we start to talk with our patients and digging deep into insurance plans, it quickly becomes evident that many people do not actually understand their benefits or insurance plans. It also becomes clear that the current health care system [...]

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