The little rotator cuff muscles around shoulder are very important shoulder stabilizers and often deactivate with pain from the shoulder. You have 4 rotator cuff muscles, that are our main internal & external rotators and shoulder stabilizers. These muscles are mainly utilized as stabilizers and are required to maximize stability. These exercises are designed to get the muscles working at their best for activities and increase blood flow to the area. The little rotator cuff muscles attach onto out shoulder blade. Why does this matter? Because if the shoulder blade muscles are not provide the stability it needs, no matter how strong the rotator cuff muscles are they are trying to work hard on an unstable surface. This is like building an amazing house on a bog. The more shoulder blade stability the more rotator cuff stability.

With these exercises work to fatigue not failure, especially if you’re using these as a warmup. More is not better, better is better.

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