What does being out-of-network mean? And how does this affect you?

Being out of network is a choice to provide the highest possible care without compromises. Insurance companies often drive the number of sessions regardless of recommendations by Physician, Physical Therapists or other health care professionals. Reimbursement from insurances continue to decline while Co-payments are rising often reaching $50 or more per visit. Because of this, many PT clinics maximize their profits by requiring their PT’s to see multiple patients per hour. Clinics often rely on a variety of modalities and the use of PT techs to carry out exercise programs—both of which take away from the one-on-one hands-on care that creates fast, positive changes. I do not believe that any modalities are as effective as the changes that I can make with my hands-on treatment. Most exercises that are performed in the clinic can be taught and performed by individuals either at home or in the gym. Also patients see multiple therapists in the course of their rehabilitation, which disrupts the continuity of care. Delaying you getting better.

Most patients that go to an out-of-network clinic will be seen less per week saving time and energy that can be spent back at the office or enjoying time with family and friends. As treatments progress, it may be spread out to every other week, then one time per month, again saving time and money. An out-of-network clinic is perfect for the highly motivated patients who consistently perform his or her home program and are looking to return at their best to an active lifestyle.

Why would you settle for less when getting back to your best?