Surf and Shore is a great facility and Scott knows his stuff. I’ve been to other physical therapists, and Scott is the best I’ve seen.

I have been suffering from anterior ankle impingement since about 2008. In layman’s terms, that means that I haven’t been able to flex my ankle in a normal range of motion. Self-help obviously didn’t work, and the other PTs I saw didn’t really help at all. Before I went to see Scott, I was considering surgery, but Scott changed my mind.

On the first session, my toe went from zero inches past my toe to about 4 inches. I think five inches or so is considered normal or optimal, depending on who you ask. On the second session, I had the same mobility, but there was less pain when I flexed through the new range of motion. With the exercises he gave me, I’ve been able to keep the range of motion and significantly reduce the pain, even when my ankle is cold.

I would recommend seeing Scott for any nagging pains or injuries.

Nicholas H.