For serious athletes: Scott at Surf & Shore is also an athlete, and understands the way training affects the human body. If you want to improve your recovery after really taxing workouts, do general maintenance, or focus on mobilization for specific movements, you should check him out. I won’t bore you with details about how I’ve added weight to my lifts, but will say that I’ve had great results with Scott, and know that other customers have as well.

For those looking to live a healthier, more pain-free life: Surf & Shore PT will help you identify your most pressing challenges (shoulder range of motion or tight upper back, for example) and give you specific actions to take to improve those issues. I used to see a chiropractor and masseuse multiple times a month, and no longer need those visits to live comfortably.

For all of the above: The process is not automatic and it’s not easy. As he’ll be the first to tell you, you’ll need to put in time outside of Scott’s office to achieve meaningful long-term change, especially if your issues have been years in the making (like mine…. thanks desk job). But with Scott’s knowledge, you can spend your time wisely and come out a better athlete and happier person.

Elizabeth S.