If you have ever had any tendon issues you know that they can linger, and create lasting issues. The best way to fix your tendon issues is through a progressive overload program. This is an eccentric based program to help increase tendon stress. This allows the fibers to reorganize back to their most efficient directional orientation. To make sure that this is a progression, you need the right amount of loading in the tissue, if you load too fast or do not adjust total range of motion the tendon will stay irritated due to increased stress. Discomfort in the tendon is expected with these exercises but should resolve soon after stopping. As the discomfort goes away during the exercises you need to increase the weight or range of motion, but only change one variable at a time.



These exercises should be performed every other day, they are meant to create disruption in the tissue to heal back stronger. We are going for heavy load so sets should be around 5 with reps being low around 8-5. The end goal is to be doing reps at a weight that the concentric (raising) movement is not possible.