If you’ve ever heard of the different signs of a heart attack you will know that one of the signs is left arm pain. How can this be, the arm is not having the attach, so why would there be pain? The answer is referred pain, the heart is sending a pain signal down the arm. This happens other places in the body as well,  one of the best known is sciatica. Sciatica just tells me that the Sciatic Nerve is upset. The cause from this is often from further up the chain either in the back or the hip. In this case the back is sending pain down the leg through the sciatic nerve. Another common example is with pain just inside the shoulder blade. This is typically caused by the nerves coming out of the neck. There are many other areas of the body that refer pain  to other areas. For a good reference for referred pain areas you can look up the Trigger Point Diagrams.

If you have pain, you need to look above and below the area of pain to assess if your pain is coming from somewhere else. Pain is not always straight forward. If you have pain for more than 2 weeks start looking for someone to take a look at your issues.

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