Our Shoulder blade is our shoulder complex’s foundation. If you lack stability in your shoulder blade muscles it will create increased muscle demand on the small rotator cuff muscles that are stabilizers. This increased muscle demand can cause increased shoulder pain both in the rotator cuff tendons and biceps tendon that are common pain generators for shoulder pain. The stronger and more stabile our shoulder blade muscles can be the better the foundation, the more power we can generate. Performance improvements, plus injury resolution/prevention sounds like a win!


We need to work shoulder stability with both open and closed chain to get the most out of the exercises. Closed chain will help with movements like pushups, handstand pushups, dips and other exercises with the hands fixed. While getting stronger with open chain stability will help with overhead press, jerks, snatch and other exercises where an object is moving in space. These exercises will set you up to help improve your shoulder health and keep you working out pain free longer.

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