Sciatica can be horrible and life altering, but saying you have sciatica is like saying you have a headache. What is the cause? Sciatica just tells me that the Sciatic Nerve is upset. Lets look at Headaches, what is the cause? There are many different types of headaches, sinus headaches, migraines, post trauma headache, caffeine withdraw headaches and countless more. You would not treat the sinus headache the same as a post trauma headache. The cause matters. This is the same for sciatica, is the sciatic nerve upset because of a disc herniation, spinal stenosis, nerve root impingement, peripheral nerve entrapment, or another cause.


Finding out the root of the problem is how you can fix it and get it to go away. It is always great hearing the stories that patients come in with telling me of how a friend or family member fixed their sciatica, and how they always seem to be different. This is because the causes are different. You should not treat sciatica caused by a disc herniation the same as spinal stenosis. Find the cause and then you can fix it. This is why sciatica is a horrible diagnosis, and only shows the smallest part of what is actually going on.


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