Rock Tape is the best kinesiology tape on the market, and can be extremely effective to help regulate pain. This tape is not meant to fix anything, but to help manage and get you out of pain. There are 2 main ways that the tape works. 1: the wave that is in the fabric of the tape allows for a lifting effect of the skin and help to improve lymphatic drainage. The easiest way to see this happen is by putting the tape over a bruise. The color under the tape with look significantly different than the area of the bruise not under the tape. 2: The tape works on our neuromuscular system and effects different nerve receptors in different ways but the most important is that it help to improve our proprioceptive awareness by increasing the feedback to out nerves so the muscle can activate more efficiently.


Why does any of the help? 1: creates increased blood and lymphatic flow to and injured area. Meaning more good building blocks in, and improved waste products from and injury are shuttled away. 2: Allows for improved muscle activation and efficiency with normalizing with muscle activation sequences. All of these will help take stress of the area but need to be followed up with other treatments both strength and mobility to get out of pain.

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