Getting back to normal walking can be the best part of early ACL rehab and a huge part of getting back to independence. Retraining weight acceptance and getting confidence in the knee is a key part to walking normally. These exercises are designed to be little parts of the walking cycle that when progressed and used will led to walking normal faster progressing your rehab to the strength phase.

There are many other exercises and variations these are my go-to’s. I prefer to follow the MOON ACL protocol which is a functional based protocol instead of a time based one. Each individual is different and should be treated as an individual.

If you have had or know some one who has had an ACL reconstruction, who better to do the rehab that some one that has gotten NFL players back to their best on the field. Scott Worked 2 seasons in the NFL with the Denver Broncos doing rehab on the players helping them get back to their best.