Our feet form the foundation for the body and if the plantar surface gets irritate it can make life miserable from the first steps out of bed. Plantar fascia issues are so difficult because we need to be on out feet, it’s s hard going days with out walking much less working or doing all the other fun workouts we love. Consistency with these quick simple exercises is key to improving your function with decreased pain. The mornings and first steps out of bed will be the last part to normalize so don’t get discouraged if you still feel it in the mornings.

Do these exercises to help improve your mechanics and take the stress off the bottom of your feet with improved motion and efficiency to accept force through your plantar tissue.

Consistency is important to change this tissue and improving out is can accept force again. It can take a while for this tissue to accommodate and begin accepting force pain free. The goal is to notice improvements in functioning and less pain with movement as you get better not if there is pain or no pain.