This might be one of the most important things in Honolulu… Parking. At Surf and Shore PT it is FREE! The following will get you in the right parking spot, to the right office and some easy general directions to Surf and Shore PT.

Parking is available in all CrossFit Oahu stalls located in-front of the building or in the back-lot spots that are marked “CrossFit Oahu”. In addition to this all parking stalls located in the back lot are available before 8 am and after 5 pm on weekdays and fully open for use on the weekends.

Surf and Shore PT is conveniently located at 556 Reed Lane in Honolulu. We are on the second floor inside CrossFit Oahu. As you walk in the front door at CrossFit Oahu take a right and make your way up the stairs at you can’t miss us.

To get to our location you need to be going Mauka (towards the mountains) on South St. and take a left into Reed Ln. which is located on the Mauka side of the Court House, and restaurant row. You can search Surf and Shore PT on Google maps to find us.