The kettlebell is a great tool and one of the best pieces of equipment that you can have for everyday use. The kettlebell is like all in one utility knife. You can use it for strength, longer workouts for cardio and metcons, core work, and to help with Mobility and stability. I remember my first kettlebell mobility session at the gym after watching some videos from mobility WOD back in 2013 and having all kinds of fun ideas to get use out of the kettlebell. Can you guess what the first piece of equipment I got for my home gym? That’s right a set of kettlebells! I still use them on a weekly basis. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, with gyms shut down my kettlebell routines kept me in decent shape and allowed me to keep up with a workout and mobility routine at home.

In this video we will go through different ways to improve your shoulder mobility and stability through movement with the kettlebell. Make sure to adjust weight as needed. As will almost everything we do this is about quality of the movement not just getting in a rep.

I like this routine because it combines some single arm and double arm movements. Some of these movement are bang for your buck exercises where we get shoulder mobility and stability but also some great core work! I hope you enjoy these movements as much as I do!

Thanks for watching. Remember Movement Is Medicine.


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