The IT Band “tightness” is a common sport related problem that is due to overuse and inadequate fascial layers sliding. First let me set the record strait YOU CAN NOT STRETCH YOUR IT BAND! You heard correctly, the IT band doesn’t stretch. The IT band it a very thick layer of fascia, it does not contract like muscles.

So what happens when I feel tightness on the side of my leg or outside of the knee? This sensation is due to the IT band forming focal adhesions to either the outside portions of the quads or hamstrings that are covered in fascial layers. To fix this we need to get the sliding layers back to sliding again. It IT band should be able to move independently on quad or hamstring contraction. This video will show you how to fix it!

After mobilizing and getting the IT band sliding again, follow up with some stability exercises to keep the positive changes that where made.