I know the Iron Neck looks pretty goofy, it is a very specialized piece of equipment that is great for your neck, upper back and core. The neck is a commonly overlooked strength area because the neck is hard to train, the Iron Neck makes this easy. The big goals of the iron neck are injury prevention, Increased neck stability and range of motion, reducing pain, and improving core stability with biomechanics.

When you increase neck strength in a safe way you decrease the risk for injuries, this system provides a great way to help increase strength to help with daily life improving your postural strength muscles as well as being able to get sport specific to help with ju-jitsu, golf, and almost any other sport out there.

Improving neck range of motion and improving stability are easy, due to the free range of movement that can be achieved with the iron neck. Dynamic movements can be used with functional strengthening in the range of motion you need.

When we improve range of motion and stability we get a reduction in pain. As you perform the movements with the Iron Neck you will feel your core muscles activate and increase your functional core awareness with movement.

Consistency is important to change movement patterns. It will take 4-6 weeks to create true strength gain but after starting these exercises you will notice improvements because the muscle will become more efficient with there firing patterns.