If you ever played a round of golf with neck pain you know how big a roll your neck plays into your swing. As we go through our back swing our ability to keep eye contact with the ball involves the body moving around the neck to look left (or right if you’re a lefty). Then we get to have the opposite rotation and we go through our downswing, contact into follow through. If your neck rotation is limited you with have difficulty making solid contact and leave a lot on the table with your swing. Your neck is an important link in the kinematic sequence of the swing. The major faults that you have with lack of neck movement is either you will lose track of the ball through your swing or you will shorten your swing. Both of these swing faults will create major issues in you game.

Try out these exercise to get your neck moving at its best to help out your game. Consistency is key with all these exercises to get the changes you need to improve your game.

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