Elbow pain can be debilitating! After all it’s not like you can just go on for a week or even a day without using it. Elbow pain is often linked to the amount of gripping you do throughout the day or heavy loads through grip. I had a monster of a patient 6’2” 250 a year or so ago that is a world class Ju-Jitsu competitor, CrossFit enthusiast and big wave surfer amongst other things. He initially had some elbow pain from heavy kettle bell swings. It got a little better so he went surfing then as he was duck diving his board got taken and he had another strain trying to hold onto his board. After his elbow pain relented a bit he thought it would be a good idea to do a bunch of pullups and go to Ju-Jitsu, there they did tons of grappling and practicing throws which involved gripping the other persons Gi. After that he was un able to hold the remote, or even pull the sheets over him in bed without excruciating pain. Once he came it and I explained to him that it was gripping that he was doing he realized that even though he tried to vary all the sports he loved, they all required use of grip that was aggravating his elbow. He is now fully healed, but it took 4 months to get him back to his prior level due to how irritated his elbow was.


Elbow pain can be frustrating and challenging. It often is seen as either “tennis elbow” (lateral epicondylitis) or “golfers elbow” (medial epicondylitis). These injuries are based on direction of force and total grip. Although the injury can occur with a movement, it can be made worse with grip activities, like carrying a bag, opening heavy doors, holding a dog leash (if your dog’s a puller like mine is). All these day to day activities that usually are no problem lead to little injuries and increased stress through the injured elbow.


Here are some quick easy exercises to help get you back on the right track with your elbow pain.




Normal motion is important for the health not just of the elbow, but of the entire upper extremity. Try out these mobility exercises to get back the motion that you need. Grip strength will come after you get the motion normal and the tissue to loosen up. Try these 4 exercises to fix your elbow pain.


Band elbow mobility-

When the elbow is fully strait it is in its most stable position. If we lack full motion it can lead to increased stress through the supporting structures of the elbow, causing pain. Use the below band technique to help get the elbow strait.


Elbow lateral glide-

Working joints against there normal joint movement is a great way to loosen up the elbow especially if you have pushed in the other directions and need a little more to get back full range.



If you have elbow pain try out some RockTape to help take the edge off. This is a great way to help relive pain and improve functioning.


VooDoo Band-

The VooDoo band is one of my favorites, it is the quickest and easiest way to loosen up the muscles that surround the elbow. Make sure it is tight, due to this tightness the total on time should be 1-2 min.


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