Ever felt that annoying stiffness or pain from scar tissue after surgery or an injury? It’s time to turn the page! Here are some secrets to help you tackle scar tissue and keep your neck in the game. Let’s dive in! ?

Scar Tissue 101: When your body heals from surgery or injury, it forms scar tissue. While it’s a natural part of healing, it can sometimes lead to discomfort or restrict movement. Knowledge is power! ? Keep Moving, gentle movements and stretching can prevent stiffness and improve flexibility. Stress through the scar tissue can help to get the different layers moving. Move it to improve it! ?‍♂️?‍♀️ Regular massages can help break down scar tissue and improve circulation. The direction of the massage or skin mobilization matters, put stress through the areas with the least amount of movement around the scar. Feel the relief! ✋? Fuel your body right! Staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet aids in effective healing. Topical ointments to provide nutrients into the scar will help with how supple the scar as well as the appearance of it.



Ready to say goodbye to scar tissue? Consistency is key, it takes time to break up scar tissue and the longer it has been their the longer it will take. Here’s to a smooth, pain-free life! ?

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