Core Stability Fix

"Your core is weak" This statement is one of the biggest truths and misconceptions associated with low back pain. I have never met anyone with "to strong" of a core. Your core can always be better and different tasks require different core demands. A rotational athlete needs to be strong with rotation and anti-rotational, most [...]

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Post OP ACL: Part I

ACL injuries are the most common surgical knee injury in High School and College athletics. This injury does not just affect younger individuals but also an older active population. The road to recover should start within a week or surgery. The initial phase of rehab goal is to improve motion both straitening and bending, as [...]

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Do You Take My Insurance?

This is a common question that we are asked at Surf and Shore Performance Center. When we start to talk with our patients and digging deep into insurance plans, it quickly becomes evident that many people do not actually understand their benefits or insurance plans. It also becomes clear that the current health care system [...]

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Have you checked your hips lately?

Have you ever taken your car in to get an alignment, if you haven’t recently I would recommend it. This can significantly improve the life of your tire by decreasing wear and tear on your tire and car. Where am I going with this and how does this relate to my back? Our hips control [...]

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4 Exercises To Relieve Neck Pain

Do you remember having such a stiff neck and needed to turn your whole body to look somewhere or answer someone? If so we have the solution you need! There are many different areas of the neck that can limit rotation and many different causes for neck pain. The easiest to modify this posture, and [...]

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Parking for Surf and Shore PT

This might be one of the most important things in Honolulu... Parking. At Surf and Shore PT it is FREE! The following will get you in the right parking spot, to the right office and some easy general directions to Surf and Shore PT. Parking is available in all CrossFit Oahu stalls located in-front of [...]

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Surf and Shore Physical Therapy and Performance Center

Welcome to Surf & Shore Physical Therapy and Performance Center! We are O'ahu's premier and only athlete focused Physical Therapy and performance clinic. We are located conveniently in CrossFit O'ahu. Our blog is here to help provide self treatment ideas to keep you moving and performing all the activities that you love. Always let us know [...]

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