Mobility vs Stability: What’s Causing My Limitations

  Limitations happen but when fixing them we need to get to the root of the cause. Often I see people that are limited with stability and continue to try to improve their mobility with little to no change. I go through the concept of trying to figure out what is causing your limitations. This [...]

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Tendon Progressive Overload

If you have ever had any tendon issues you know that they can linger, and create lasting issues. The best way to fix your tendon issues is through a progressive overload program. This is an eccentric based program to help increase tendon stress. This allows the fibers to reorganize back to their most efficient directional [...]

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Neck Mobility Routine

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck? Of course you have, we all have at some point even if it loosens up quick. This is what you can do to help get you neck moving again if it doesn’t get better as fast as you want. The little joint between each vertebrae are [...]

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Hip Flexor Stability

Hip stability or more accurately lack or hip stability could be the reason your hips always feel tight. If we lack stability our bodies naturally compensate and make up of that lack stability with increased passive muscle activity to support our joints. Try these simple exercises to gain hip stability and get more out of [...]

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Iron Neck For Your Posture

I know the Iron Neck looks pretty goofy, it is a very specialized piece of equipment that is great for your neck, upper back and core. The neck is a commonly overlooked strength area because the neck is hard to train, the Iron Neck makes this easy. The big goals of the iron neck are [...]

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Neck Fix – Theracane

The TheraCane is a great too for all of the spine but especially for the neck. Here are some techniques to help fix your neck. The TheraCane is convenient way to help fix your neck while sitting at work, or home. The 2 main issues that can occur in the neck are joint issues and [...]

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Neck Fix

Neck pain can be well a pain in the neck... The 2 main issues that can occur in the neck are joint issues and muscle issues. If you are looking left and have pain on the left, probably a joint issue, if you have pain and a pulling sensation on the right with looking left [...]

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Core Stability Fix

"Your core is weak" This statement is one of the biggest truths and misconceptions associated with low back pain. I have never met anyone with "to strong" of a core. Your core can always be better and different tasks require different core demands. A rotational athlete needs to be strong with rotation and anti-rotational, most [...]

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