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2018 OPEN

Only 2 spots left

It’s that time of the year again! 

We have put a special package together to help you live the High Performance, Pain Free Life you want.

Here are the specifics…

This year, our goal for open enrollment is to help you live a high performance, pain-free life.

This means being able to do the activities you love in life and do so pain-free.

We have a very particular set of skills (just like Liam Neeson from Taken!).

Not only can we get you out of pain but we can also help get you in the best shape of your life.

 Our unique NFL experience as the team PT for the Denver Broncos as well as our background in strength/conditioning gives us a unique perspective to give you the best possible care.

We routinely work with high school, college and, professional athletes, surfers and military personnel.

No matter your physical goal, we can help you achieve it but you have to prioritize your own health for that to happen.

Being proactive is a much better approach than being reactive.

In our work with high-level athletes and military groups, we’ve noticed a common theme.

That theme is that these groups work on their health in a proactive manner, not reactive.

Most people wait to get hurt and then they try to fix it.

This is kind of like waiting for your engine to lock up before deciding to change your oil.

Doing this with our bodies leads to needless injuries and time away from physical activities.

There is a better option…

He’s our solution… The Performance Plus Plan (P3)

  •  1-hour long visit per month. At our monthly visit, we can do hands-on work like IASTM, functional cupping, go over how to improve a movement like lifting, surfing or help modify your current workouts. This is incredibly effective and allows us to avoid injuries instead of wait for them to occur. Best of all, it’s extremely time efficient. All we need is 1 hour, once a month to help keep you pain-free and active.
  •  Personalized mobility plan. Follow our Personalized Mobility Plan and you’ll feel/move better than you have in years.
  •  Have an accountability partner. This is really underrated. Having a Doctor to email when you have questions and that you see monthly will help you reach your health/wellness goals. Accountability makes all the difference and we’re here to help you along the way.

Here’s the bad news….

Because of limited availability with our Doctors, we only can only accept 12 clients for this program.

We’ve worked with over 800 people in the past few years so if you’re interested, don’t wait.

There’s no guarantee there will be a spot left.

Commit to prioritizing your health/wellness now.

It might be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share this package with my spouse or kids?
Yes. You can share these visits with your spouse or kids. We work with lots of families and love being able to keep the entire family healthy.

Do the visits expire?
Yes. You have 12 months to use this package.

Can I use my HSA or FSA dollars for this package?
Yes. You that’s your money and we are a qualified medical provider. You can use both your HSA and FSA money towards this package.

What if I need additional sessions?
Any additional sessions will be charger at your package rate.

Pick the package option that fits you best…

$ 129
    • 12 hour long visits with one of our Docs aka “Pain Ninjas” $1800 Value

  • Free Mobility Tool
$ 1499
    • 12 hour long visits with one of our Docs aka “Pain Ninjas” $1800 Value

  • Free Mobility Tool
  • $124.91 per session

Here are just a couple reviews from our clients